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Ymaxi Website Design & Development is located in Moskow Russia specializing in professional custom web site design, web site applications, database development, web hosting, logo and branding design, search engine optimization and internet marketing.

Operating in Russia since 2001, Ymaxi LTD - Internet Laboratory utilizes a team with over 11 years combined experience in the web design, web development and Internet marketing industry.

Acknowledging that specialists are recognized for expertise and exclusive concentration in a field, our approach to professional web design and development is to utilize a team whose focus and experience provide a quality package. Together, we serve our clientele with broader knowledge and more extensive opportunities than other web design firms are equipped to offer.

Experience that Counts - With extensive experience analyzing client needs and developing solutions, our professional Web design company will work with your business to ensure that the money you invest in your custom Web site is well-spent. We understand that results matter, and we take a business-centric approach to every custom website design project we take on. The overriding goals that we try to achieve for every client are: increased leads or sales, cost savings vs. traditional advertising (e.g. phone book, radio, or television advertising), and decreased management costs (e.g. client, employee, or member support costs). The custom Web design packages above provide exceptional value, and they can be useful for getting an estimate of your professional Web design project costs.

Additional Services - If you need additional services for your professional Web site design, including but not limited to site hosting, domain name registration, site promotion, or additional functions, graphics, document effects, or interactive elements, additional fees may be added to the final price. The fees will vary depending on the complexity of the services and the estimated time needed to create them.

Our Team

Throughout the ERS and EDM process, you will work with many talented individuals, including:

  • Account Executive: Your dedicated in-house contact who is both business oriented and market- savvy
  • Project Manager: The development process manager with a strong technical background who ensures skilled execution, timely delivery, and serves as the liaison between the account executive and the production team
  • User Experience Specialist / Information Architect: Leads the conceptualization and planning of an optimal information architecture and functional design to ensure maximum conversion, engagement and sales
  • Creative / Art Director: Conceives a visually compelling yet functional site interface and related marketing materials
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert: Ensures your site will be developed properly to become more highly-ranked and be fully represented by the major search engines like Google Learn More
  • Technical Lead: Our Lead Programmers are dedicated to using the best, cleanest, most reliable, and most cutting edge technologies in order to deliver the most stable and engaging solutions

More Information - To get an idea of the quality of work that is provided for professional Web site design projects, please review our professional website design portfolio here.


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