Affiliate Marketing

An effective affiliate program is an excellent way to drive customers to your site while paying only for results. Affiliate marketing programs are performance-based advertising plans in which commissions are paid on referrals that lead to either sales of products and services, or lead generation and form completion.

Ymaxi LTD offers comprehensive affiliate marketing services:
  • Launching new programs: if an affiliate program is right for your business, Ymaxi LTD will create a program using Ymaxi's ReferralTracker software, which tracks your affiliates and their referral sales on your site.
  • Joining Programs: We can help you identify and join existing Affiliate Marketing programs or vendors, and determine the right commissions to pay. These may include Commission Junction, LinkShare, and ShareSL.
  • Identifying/finding the right affiliates and publishers: we'll help you identify which types of websites and publishers your affiliate program should target to get the results and audiences you want.
  • Lead generation campaign: we will help you add interested potential customers to your mailing list or have them respond to your special offers through affiliates. You will pay your affiliates only for new subscribers that meet certain requirements.
  • Customer acquisition management: Ymaxi LTD can help you analyze how the leads you acquired are behaving on the site, what their shopping patterns are, how to improve their conversions, and which types of leads to target in the future.
  • Measuring the success of Affiliate Marketing campaigns: we'll analyze how your Affiliate Marketing campaigns are performing compared to other marketing tactics, to ensure you get the highest possible ROI.

Our program development includes affiliate identification, affiliate commission structure planning, affiliate solicitation, and ongoing promotion and creative materials development.