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Ymaxi LTD is a full-service web agency that has helped many types of businesses achieve success online, including brand websites, lead-generation and marketing websites, micro-sites, customer service websites, corporate websites, community and web 2.0 social networking websites, blog websites, informational websites, educational websites, news and magazine websites, product catalog websites, and more. This section describes Ymaxi LTD ’ extensive experience in developing non-commerce websites; for our Ecommerce services, see our Ecommerce Solutions.

Building a New Online Business Presence

Building a new business presence online from scratch can be a daunting task-- where do you start, and how can you ensure it will be successful? At Ymaxi LTD , the process starts with understanding your Business Strategy, which then dictates your Internet strategy. Our team of consultants will produce a fully portable and comprehensive website strategy and blueprint document called the Website Requirements Specification (WRS) at the end of an intensive data collection and analysis process.

Briefly, the WRS starts with defining the business goals, target markets and success metrics; drafting comprehensive Requirements, including creative, functional, SEO, Search, Content and Technical Requirements; and lastly, creating a comprehensive visual blueprint and roadmap of the site through Information Architecture wireframes, sitemaps and process flows. The WRS is described in more detail in the custom website strategy section.

Analysis and Optimization of Existing Websites

If you already have a website that is simply not meeting your traffic, ad revenue, marketing, branding, cost-savings, operational efficiencies or customer service goals, our expert consultants will perform only the analyses relevant to your site and will propose a suite of targeted changes.

A comprehensive Website Analysis or overhaul might include the following:

  • Usability: What is the site’s user experience, its navigation, overall architecture, look and feel, readability, customer engagement metrics, calls to action, and its level of brand loyalty, trust and credibility? Are these performing as well as they might, and do they meet general standards of web usability? Our Information Architects can help.
  • Landing Page Optimization: In the Google era, every page is a Landing Page. Are your website entry pages optimized as stand-alone entry and exit points in terms of usability, navigation and branding? Does your “homepage” provide a compelling overview of your site? If not, we’ll boost their impact.
  • Graphic Design and Content: Is your website looking a little outdated or in need of a “style makeover”? Our talented team of artists, graphic designers, Flash animators and illustrators and copywriters can create beautiful new website designs, as well as compelling new website content, that are sure to significantly increase customer engagement.
  • Consumer Tools and Functionality: Today, there are countless gadgets and features that can be added to your site to enhance customer engagement and appeal, such as video, photo albums, blogs, widgets, 3-D imaging, online games, “Live Person” customer support, special catalog viewers, live teleconferencing custom search engines, live video streaming, and many kinds of product customization, virtualization and personalization tools. Ymaxi LTD can wade through the available options and suggest the best new features to enhance your site and help meet your business goals.
  • Performance and Back-End Systems Evaluation: How is your site performing overall? We audit and can help improve your site’s SSL security, your website and landing page download time, your browser compatibility, your level of server downtime, and your existing Content Management System
  • Internet Marketing: Are you getting the traffic you need? We review your Paid Search Marketing (SEM), your Search Engine rankings with the goal of Organic Search Optimization, your Online Advertising and Marketing campaigns and PPC Campaign Management, and your content’s effectiveness in terms of SEO tagging and keywords.

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Simply put, our Internet consulting team will perform comprehensive fact-finding, research and analysis to help you create the site you need or suggest the best and most important changes to your existing site to help you reap real business value from your online presence. Request a quote below to start getting improved results!