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Custom Solutions


While many development platforms, tools and features are available “out of the box” today, a successful ecommerce experience requires custom solutions to meet specific business needs and requirements.

The Ymaxi LTD development team has over a decade of experience in custom website development; we know what works and what doesn’t. Whether you are building a new business online or trying to optimize and improve an existing site, whenever possible, we’ll help you save time and money by sourcing existing and reliable software solutions that we’ll then customize and tailor for your project. However, when no commercial product will suit, we can provide quotes that range (link) from adding individual components to improve the value and performance of your existing site to delivering a fully custom website that is designed and developed from the ground up specifically for you.



  my spice sage - custom development example   Jildor - customized solutions for e commerce


Types of Custom Solutions

Custom development needs vary widely and depend on the nature of your site and what you are trying to accomplish. Broadly, our work typically falls into these categories:

  • Specialty Web Development: When no out-of-the-box solutions will work or you want to offer a completely unique online experience
  • Custom Content Management Systems: There are many sophisticated CMS products out there today, but your site requirements are unique. We source the right CMS system for you and then tailor it to meet your needs. Read more in our Content Management Systems section
  • Back-End Custom Solutions: Perhaps you have a complex product structure, or a dominant customer base that is located in a specific country, or specialty fulfillment needs or unusual hosting or server requirements? We can help source and offer the right solutions for you
  • 3rd Party Application Integrations: Thousands of vendors offer specialty tools and services to optimize your customer experience, improve your online catalog, monitor the performance of your site and sales, or integrate your ecommerce transactions with business process applications. We’ll source the right products for you and tailor the implementation to meet your needs and integrate seamlessly with your site, as discussed in the 3rd Party Applications Integration section
  • Custom Flash Development: for more immersive and highly creative consumer experiences. See our Flash Design section for more
Our Custom Solutions Process

Ymaxi LTD has created a unique process methodology that leverages our extensive industry expertise to help you achieve lasting success. Ymaxi LTD believes successful online solutions can only be created through consistent methodology and precise planning.

The Ymaxi LTD process begins with our team of consultants fully understanding the project needs through an intensive data-collection and analysis process. Ymaxi LTD then defines the project’s requirements, which are outlined in a holistic and comprehensive blueprint document called the Ecommerce Requirements Specification (ERS). The ERS includes Creative, Functional, SEO, Search, Content and Technical Requirements that reflect the user needs and project goals. The ERS also recommends to what extend custom development and 3rd Party Applications are necessary, or whether standard ecommerce website tools could suffice. For more information on the ERS, see the Ecommerce Strategy Section.

From there, the Custom Solutions process transitions into the implementation phase, which Ymaxi LTD terms the Ecommerce Development Module (EDM). The EDM produces tailored solutions to meet all the ERS site requirements. The EDM encompasses the Design, Development, QA, User Acceptance Testing, Migration and Launch processes that are involved in any professional website development. Each step is thoroughly planned in advance in the ERS phase, and then implementation is carefully choreographed and managed to ensure the best results.

The chart below illustrates the components of the ERS and EDM development flow:

Ecommerce Requirements Specifications (ERC)
  Research & Strategy
Client Interviews
Industry   Product  

Business Proposition


Understanding Target Audience Competitive Analysis SEO Keyword Research Managing Objectives & Client
  Research Findings

Target Audience & Create Personas

User / Functional Requirements Search &Content Requirements Technical Requirements

SEO Requirements & Creative Bref

Landing-Pages User Experience   Requirement Specification
Information Architecture
  Navigation tree Labeling & , Thematic Architecture

Detailed unctional Design

User Experience Guidelines   Navigation Map
Functional Design
UEX Guidelines


Ecommerce Developmen Module (EDM)
  Visual Concept Visual Design Visual Style Guide           Photoshop Templates
Style Guide
  Client Side Application Development Server Side Application Party Inegration SEO Components Setup QA & Usability Analysis   HTML Templates Application front-end
Migration & Launch
  Navigation Tree Labeling & Thematic Architecture Detailed Functional Design User Experience Guidelines       Application Launch

Why do we bother with the ERS if we’re “just doing development”? The answer is simple: you wouldn’t build a house without an architect and a blueprint, and you can’t do any kind of custom development without a digital equivalent. The most surefire way to make the wrong implementation decisions and waste time and money is to skip proper planning and jump blindly into implementation. We swear by our ERS-to-EDM process because it works!

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