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Ecommerce Solutions


"Build a business, not a website".

At Ymaxi LTD , our passion is building successful businesses online. Our approach differs from most other agencies in that we view the underlying technologies we offer as mere tools of the trade. Instead, the value we deliver to our clients can be measured in business terms, including superior ROI, increased revenue and higher traffic.



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Tailored, Effective Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Every ecommerce site wants to sell, but only a few are successful. We at Ymaxi LTD are experts at optimizing your online business to increase revenue, traffic, site engagement, conversion, and loyalty. Whether you are building a new online business from scratch or seeking to increase conversion and sales on your existing ecommerce website, we can help. Ymaxi LTD is able to craft an almost unlimited range of tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Our team has over a decade of experience in ecommerce design and development, so we know first-hand what works, and what doesn’t!

Our Range of Ecommerce Solutions

Ymaxi LTD is a full-spectrum digital agency with service offerings that range from Internet Strategy and Requirements to vendor integration projects and dedicated site hosting. Our Solutions include:

  1. Ecommerce Strategy: Remember the 5 Ps: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. We’ll ensure your site’s success through improved site strategy and requirements-definition using our unique Ecommerce Requirements Specifications (ERS) (link) methodology
  2. Significantly Increased Conversion through Improved User Experience: Our User Interface specialists will help ensure your site architecture, navigation and experience are optimized for maximum conversion and sales
  3. Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization: Perhaps your site is functioning fairly well, but it’s not getting sufficient traffic. Our team provides SEO and targeted online marketing solutions to ensure you gain exposure to the specific audience demographics you need
  4. Ecommerce Website Design & Development: Whether you are building a new site or want to overhaul your existing one, Ymaxi LTD is your one-stop full-service shop for an end product that delivers results. We have experience with all the major platform vendors, from content management systems to catalogues, as well as the latest technologies and trends.
  5. Custom Shopping Cart: We adapt the Shopping Cart process to the specific requirements of your business. This dramatically reduces shopping cart abandonment rate far below industry standards
  6. Custom Solutions: Do you have unique business or technical requirements that prevent you from using out-of-the-box solutions? That’s our specialty! We’ll conceptualize and deliver tailored applications that will meet any need
  7. 3rd Party Application Integration: Have you noticed a competitor has a hot new site feature, like 360-degree product views, 3D modeling, a specialty search engine, advanced video features, or similar? Are you missing the necessary business intelligence to get a clear picture of your ecommerce transactions? Perhaps you use or are seeking a sophisticated supply chain, POS or accounting package to manage your brick-and-mortar stores, and you want it to work seamlessly with your ecommerce transactions? We can help you with all of the above. We’re abreast of all the latest technology trends and vendor solutions and have performed hundreds of seamless vendor integrations. Let us help you ensure your website is an essential and fully integrated component of your business
  8. Support & Maintenance: We can increase the performance of your site – guarantied! Let us do the necessary optimization to ensure your site is better equipped to handle your traffic and customer service queries. We’ll also improve your overall site performance, stability and robustness
  9. Ecommerce Hosting: Reliable and scalable hosting is part of our outstanding customer service. Are your sites loading quickly, and is the administrative interface easy to work with and configurable to your needs? Is someone overseeing your hosting to ensure it’s always up and running? We offer our clients a compelling dedicated hosting solution.

Our Methodology

We swear by our process because it works! We believe successful ecommerce solutions require clear goals, precise planning, and a winning strategy. Ymaxi LTD has created a unique methodology called the Ecommerce Requirements Specification (ERS) that leverages our extensive industry expertise to help you achieve lasting success. The below steps outline it in a nutshell.

The first step in our process is to understand your product, your industry, your value proposition, as well as the target audiences and your competitive environment. This is done by performing intensive research, data-collection and analysis.

Next we plan how to satisfy all the needs and requirements of each potential target audience through use of different personas by user segment. This ensures the maximum range of qualified traffic and conversion.

Finally we create a blueprint and roadmap that clearly outline the complete project scope and the implementation methods. This benefits the client by illustrating the final product and provides clear instructions for the implementation team.

The complete deliverables of the ERS include Creative Requirements, Functional Requirements, SEO Requirements, Search Requirements, Content Requirements and Technical Requirements. It also contains the functional design of information architecture wireframes, sitemaps and process flows and recommends to what extend custom development and 3rd party applications will be necessary during implementation, or whether standard ecommerce website tools could suffice.

The ERS is a stand-alone deliverable that can guide development by either Ymaxi LTD or a 3rd party team. If you choose Ymaxi LTD , the implementation phase will begin, which we term the Ecommerce Development Module (EDM).

The below chart illustrates the ERS and the EDM processes.


Ecommerce Requirements Specifications (ERC)
  Research & Strategy
Client Interviews
Industry   Product  

Business Proposition


Understanding Target Audience Competitive Analysis SEO Keyword Research Managing Objectives & Client
  Research Findings

Target Audience & Create Personas

User / Functional Requirements Search &Content Requirements Technical Requirements

SEO Requirements & Creative Bref

Landing-Pages User Experience   Requirement Specification
Information Architecture
  Navigation tree Labeling & , Thematic Architecture

Detailed unctional Design

User Experience Guidelines   Navigation Map
Functional Design
UEX Guidelines


Ecommerce Developmen Module (EDM)
  Visual Concept Visual Design Visual Style Guide           Photoshop Templates
Style Guide
  Client Side Application Development Server Side Application Party Inegration SEO Components Setup QA & Usability Analysis   HTML Templates Application front-end
Migration & Launch
  Navigation Tree Labeling & Thematic Architecture Detailed Functional Design User Experience Guidelines       Application Launch

Our Team

Throughout the ERS and EDM process, you will work with many talented individuals, including:

  • Account Executive: Your dedicated in-house contact who is both business oriented and market- savvy
  • Project Manager: The development process manager with a strong technical background who ensures skilled execution, timely delivery, and serves as the liaison between the account executive and the production team
  • User Experience Specialist / Information Architect: Leads the conceptualization and planning of an optimal information architecture and functional design to ensure maximum conversion, engagement and sales
  • Creative / Art Director: Conceives a visually compelling yet functional site interface and related marketing materials
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert: Ensures your site will be developed properly to become more highly-ranked and be fully represented by the major search engines like Google Learn More
  • Technical Lead: Our Lead Programmers are dedicated to using the best, cleanest, most reliable, and most cutting edge technologies in order to deliver the most stable and engaging solutions

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