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Don’t confuse a beautiful website with a website that is high-sales, high-traffic, reliable and useful! The most successful ecommerce websites have the following characteristics:

  • Are visually pleasing as well as usable and quick-loading
  • Incorporate all the features and functionality that customers need for a pleasing site experience that is conducive to customer retention and conversion
  • Are Search Engine friendly
  • Integrate seamlessly with your business operations applications and product catalog
  • Give you the reports and statistics you need to measure performance and optimize your business
  • Are easy to update and maintain by your staff.

We design and implement high-performance websites that address all of the above, and more.

At Ymaxi LTD , the website design and development process begins by approaching your site as a business first and foremost. Our passion is building successful businesses online, and the value we provide can be measured in business terms, such as ROI, revenue and customer volume. With over a decade of experience, we understand the business of the Internet and excel at providing tailored technology solutions that are scalable, flexible, search-engine friendly, and proven to solve your business needs.




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Our Web Design and Development Process: An Overview

The Ymaxi LTD ’ website design and development process follows our unique methodology that leverages our extensive industry expertise to help you achieve lasting success. Proper Planning is our “secret sauce” that ensures a successful implementation!

The first step in our process of creating a successful website is to clearly articulate a viable online strategy. By understanding what the site needs to accomplish, the right decisions can be made. For this reason, at Ymaxi LTD our process begins with a team of consultants researching your online business, its target audience and its competitive environment through intensive data-collection and analysis. Based on these findings, Ymaxi LTD defines the website strategy, including the site’s goals, success metrics and value proposition.

The online strategy is described in a holistic and comprehensive blueprint document called the Ecommerce Requirements Specification (ERS). The ERS also includes Creative, Functional, SEO, Search, Content and Technical Requirements. Additionally, the ERS recommends to what extent custom development and 3rd Party Applications will be necessary during implementation, or whether standard ecommerce website tools could suffice. For more information on the ERS, see the Ecommerce Strategy Section.

The next step is visualizing all the ERS requirements through functional design. The functional design provides a visual blueprint and map of the website through Information Architecture wireframes, sitemaps and process flows.

From there, the development and implementation phase begins, which Ymaxi LTD terms the Ecommerce Development Module (EDM). The EDM encompasses all the design, coding, QA, User Acceptance Testing, Migration and Launch processes that are involved in any professional website development. Each step is planned in advance in the ERS phase, and then our implementation is carefully choreographed and managed to ensure the best results.

Why do we bother with the ERS? The answer is simple: you wouldn’t build a house without an architect and a blueprint, and you shouldn’t build a website without a digital equivalent. If you want your digital ‘storefront’ to crumble, the surest way to ensure failure and waste untold time and money is to skip proper planning and jump blindly into implementation. We swear by our ERS and EDM processes because they work!

The chart below illustrates the components of the ERS and EDM development flow:

Ecommerce Requirements Specifications (ERC)
  Research & Strategy
Client Interviews
Industry   Product  

Business Proposition


Understanding Target Audience Competitive Analysis SEO Keyword Research Managing Objectives & Client
  Research Findings

Target Audience & Create Personas

User / Functional Requirements Search &Content Requirements Technical Requirements

SEO Requirements & Creative Bref

Landing-Pages User Experience   Requirement Specification
Information Architecture
  Navigation tree Labeling & , Thematic Architecture

Detailed unctional Design

User Experience Guidelines   Navigation Map
Functional Design
UEX Guidelines


Ecommerce Developmen Module (EDM)
  Visual Concept Visual Design Visual Style Guide           Photoshop Templates
Style Guide
  Client Side Application Development Server Side Application Party Inegration SEO Components Setup QA & Usability Analysis   HTML Templates Application front-end
Migration & Launch
  Navigation Tree Labeling & Thematic Architecture Detailed Functional Design User Experience Guidelines       Application Launch

Compelling and Effective Web Design

Ymaxi LTD ’ Web Design team, are specialist web designers who are experts at visual design and interface design specifically for the web. We realize that web design must be both functional and attractive, and we measure project success in terms of ROI, not trendiness or a subjective, abstract “wow” factor.

Great website design offers a seamless and engaging Brand experience through use of universal navigation and consistent online branding elements, and it seamlessly integrates with and reflects your “offline” brand. Most importantly, great website design delivers the online business results you need! We also do Flash Design when the right project calls for it.

The Design process is the first step of the EDM phase and is based upon the ERS documentation and functional designs. Once the designs are approved by the client, the visual Design Templates and a Style Guide are delivered to our in-house Development team or a 3rd party service of your choice to develop the site.

Quality Web Development

Armed with an ERS specification and comprehensive designs, our cutting-edge Development team is ready to dive in and produce a functional site. We are intimately familiar the latest technologies and platforms, including AJAX, FLEX, LAMP architectures and the top commercially-available content management, cataloguing and ecommerce shopping carts. Whenever possible, we help you save time and money by sourcing and using existing, reliable software products that we then customize and tailor for your project. However, when no commercial product will suit, we are also able to develop a dedicated Custom Solution that is architected from the ground up specifically for you.

We know that ecommerce is first and foremost a business and that most ecommerce transactions start with a user’s web search. Therefore, we /always/ ensure that all of our development and website architectures are Search-engine friendly. You won’t find us delivering any solutions with hidden tab content, JavaScript-driven Text that a spider can’t crawl, improperly structured Flash interfaces, unfriendly content URLs, or fully dynamic pages that Google can’t find.

What if you need an Ecommerce Website that also contains a Content Management System, an Email Marketing System, a Product Catalog System, a 3D Modeling tool to showcase your products, Web Analytics, and integration with your ecommerce supply chain? We can help. We’ll analyze your requirements down to its component parts, find the best and most affordable solutions, and provide a seamless integration between the components. See our Content Management Systems, Custom Solutions and 3rd Party Application Integration sections for more.

What about the linchpin of any good ecommerce site, the Shopping Cart? We adapt the Shopping Cart process to the specific requirements of your business. This dramatically reduces shopping cart abandonment rate far below industry standards

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