Email Marketing


Email Marketing effectively boosts sales and builds relationships with your customers.

Ymaxi LTD develops customized email marketing strategies for your business and executes effective campaigns by using our proprietary email software, Ymaxi Direct-Mail.

From promotion announcements and newsletters, to personalized one-to-one communications, our Ymaxi DirectMail delivers text or rich media emails to existing or potential customers. Our email campaigns include:

  • Opt-in email list creation and management for ongoing communication with existing customers.
  • Email segmentation - this is how you turn data into money! The information that you can gain from your mailing list is invaluable. There is no easier sale than to an EXISTING CLIENT, especially one that is telling you what they want. That’s where market segmentation plays an important role. Ymaxi will help you manage and segment your list according to differing needs, so you can continue to send the right offers to each customer.
  • Third-party opt-in list procurement that targets potential customers.
  • Email auto replies for customer relationship management.
  • Email referral, otherwise known as “Refer a Friend” programs that grow your market and reward loyal customers.
  • Email promotion development and tracking for time-sensitive offers and discounts.
The Ymaxi Email Process

Ymaxi can develop full cycle email campaigns to meet your exact needs. A step-by-step overview includes:

  • Campaign idea generation. When we have you as a regular client, we will generate campaign opportunities for you around your products and seasonal topics based on our unique email marketing insights, leaving your team more time to focus on other parts of building your business.
  • Market segmentation of you mailing lists. We understand segmentation at its core, including B2C, B2B, Retail, Wholesale, Gender-based, Geographic, Amount Spent on Past Purchases, Income, and Cultural.
  • Storyboarding of the creatives.
  • Design of your creatives, both the HTML and plain text versions. Feel free to look at our portfolio for more info.
  • Handle actual mailings. No mailing is too large.
  • Tracking the results including analytics such as email open rates, click rates, and purchase rates.
  • Final analysis with comparative results vs. other online campaigns like SEO and PPC, using our Analytic Software.

We believe in a supporting double opt-in as a way of keeping your lists clean, assuring delivery, keeping high open and click rates, minimizing dead email addresses, and observing the legal requirements of the CAN-SPAM act.

The Ymaxi Email System Features:
  • Email List Upload
  • List Exclusion for segmentation purposes
  • Triggers and Auto-responders
  • Multiple List Management
  • Integrated Contact Manager
  • Unsubscribe/Profile Updates

Once a campaign is launched we can provide:

  • Real-Time Statistics
  • Link Tracking

We can help you determine the appropriate level of service for your company, from simple self-service to complete customization.

Comparing Email with Other Marketing Media

There are optimal times and uses for each medium. Often, combining two or more can be complementary, depending on your goals. When mixing media, it's important to bring your brand strategy and execution together, and carefully integrate offline and online efforts.

The Virtues of Email

Email marketing can be extremely cost-effective if you clearly define your goals and expectations with regard to cost per lead. Email allows you to manage messages in a cost- and time-efficient manner. Bounce backs are quickly identified so you can correct the problem and resend the message inexpensively and effortlessly.

Email Drives Sales

According to a recent DoubleClick study, 88 percent of responders have made purchases as a result of permission-based email. Plus, email provides quick lead generation and allows customer dialogue.

As an interactive medium, email lets you establish a direct channel with new and present customers. Regular messages can create brand awareness or elicit continued responses from your customer. Your communication with your customer base contains invaluable information that you can mine repeatedly.

Email Is Highly Trackable

See what's working -- and what's not -- with your email campaign. In many cases, you can easily view campaign data, including responses, campaign click-through, remove requests, bounced email messages, and much more. Every prospect can be treated as a unique individual so that you can continue to provide personalized, relevant marketing campaigns. You can view every online prospect and customer, with information such as contact details, profile details, mail sent, and other pertinent data that you've collected. Plus, email provides an easy way for consumers to respond, because the prospect is online already.

Email Lets You Test Quickly and Inexpensively

Eighty percent of email marketing messages elicit responses within 48 hours to a week, versus six to eight weeks for a traditional direct mail piece, according to eMarketer.

Email Is a Great Complement to Your Current Marketing Mix

Email is a great complement to your current media mix. Essentially, email can be an adjunct to any media, which helps quickly reinforce messages, product details, and seminar dates or trade show information, to name just a few examples.

Email can become an integral part of the relationship you have with your customer and, therefore, an extension of your brand.