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If you’re looking to create a wow-effect for your customers, a website design that utilizes flash can achieve your goal. We created our Ymaxi website with flash and action script, in order to show off our design team’s skill. If you’re an artist, jeweler, or photographer, a flash designed website can be a great way to showcase your work.

But flash isn’t always the best choice, and building a business site with flash can backfire, if used for the wrong reasons.

Flash Design Pros and Cons

A flash designed website is not SEO friendly, meaning that the website is unlikely to be found high in search engine lists. If you’re looking to create an online brochure, which you intend to point customers to, then SEO may not be important for you. However, if you want customers to find you without direction, then a flash designed site is not the right choice.

Another disadvantage -- flash is not user friendly, and navigation is often trickier. Ever come across a website that takes one-too-many seconds to download, and click away from the site? Download times can turn off potential visitors.

How to Make the Right Decision

At Ymaxi LTD , we’re very careful when deciding when and where to use flash design. Our goal is to help you build your business, and we’ll help you understand if flash is an option for you, or not.