Google Product Search


Google Product Search is a submission-only shopping search engine whose results are separate and distinct from Google’s main web search. Google Product Search can help you in two ways:

1. produce conversions through people searching for products

2. feature your products prominently in the organic results of Google’s web results (Google often shows the top 3 shopping results on the main results page).

When shoppers perform a search using Google’s main search engine ('Google Web'), a special algorithm determines if the keyword in their search is a commercial or product-oriented keyword, and if so displays product information from Google Product Search's separate database on the first page of Google’s regular organic search results. Three to five links to products from Google Product Search will appear ahead of other organic search results in this case. If your pages target the correct commercial keywords, your product pages from the Google Product Search database will also be included in the regular organic search results.

Google Shopping/Product Search has an exceptionally high conversion rate – it brings shoppers directly to your individual product pages when they are actively looking for a specific product to buy. The links appear right at the top (or near the top) of the page, and unlike PPC placement, they're free! Therefore every ecommerce site wants a place in those top 3–5 Shopping results.

But getting that coveted spot isn't easy. While you don't pay Google for the service – you do need the expertise to get your products featured at the top, rather than those of your competitors. Some basic facts about Google Product Search:

  • It's not enough that Google already indexes your website: product data must be separately uploaded to Google Base for inclusion in the Product Search database.
  • Your product descriptions must be specially optimized for the keywords the Product Search engine will identify and zero in on; keywords that are effective for regular SEO and PPC campaigns may not work for this purpose.
  • Your product data must be uploaded according the requirements for submitting a "products feed" to Google Base.
  • Your products must be linked to specific pages on your website according to Google Shopping's rules. And those product landing pages must also be compatible with Google Shopping.

Our Google Shopping SEO team provides the expertise you need to get your products featured. We do everything it takes:

  • Keyword research - which of the possible search keywords for your product will trigger Product Search results in Google’s organic search results?
  • Optimization – Keyword-rich titles and descriptions in both feeds and product pages created uniquely for maximum visibility in Google Product Search & Product Search results shown in Google’s organic search.
  • Implementation - Database translation and submission to Google Base.