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Many graphics designers are fluent in the language of beauty but not in that of the web – in creating creative visual design online that excites and engages your visitors, drives traffic and click-through, helps achieve your business goals, and reinforces your company's branding and identity.


Compelling website graphic design stands out from the competition by being both functional and visually appealing. Consistent and effective online branding ensures that customers will remember you and will intuitively understand your brand’s value proposition. To achieve both online, you need:

  • Graphic design that is visually pleasing as well as functional, usable, and “lightweight” (fast –loading)
  • Exceptional, unique, and memorable graphics and advertising campaigns that imprint your company's essence on your visitor’s mind
  • Meaningful visuals and text that clearly convey your message
  • A seamless and engaging Brand experience, which is achieved through universal navigation and consistent application of unique online branding, including your logo, signature graphics, fonts, colors and iconography
  • Brand Consistency that unifies your website look and feel, iconography and messaging with your “offline” marketing materials and style guides
  • Creativity!

Ymaxi LTD ' Graphic Design Services include:

  • Website Design - The process begins after an Information Architect has created the unique Functional Design and Creative Brief for your site during the Requirement Specifications process. These documents are used to guide the design team, who then produce a compelling visual design and style guide for your site. See Samples of our Work
  • Flash Design & Development – if appropriate (and we help you decide that), a Flash-based website or add-on tool can create the lush, highly interactive wow-effect you're looking for. Our design team is made up of experts in Flash, Action Script and Flex. See some examples
  • Online Advertising Design – Ecommerce Ymaxi design team specializes in classy and enticing newsletters, opt-in advertisements and other interactive creative pieces that target your customers' buying habits, appeal to their sense of taste, and will never be mistaken for spam.
  • Logo Design – Our design team's logos capture the essence of your company and make a lasting impression.
  • Brochure/Catalogue Design – Consistency is important in building brand awareness. Our Graphic Design team ensures that your printed brochures, catalogues and website design all convey the same message
  • Illustrations and Photography – High-quality, unusual and appealing illustrations and photos ensure your customers know what they are buying and like what they see – which generates more purchases and fewer returns. Whether you need sketches, animations, stills, close-ups or 360o virtual tours, we’ll match you with the best artists.

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