Local Search Optimization


Local Search is a free database of physical addresses and phone numbers that integrates with Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines’ maps in order to complement the regular organic search results on localized search queries. Any company that depends on customers in their area should participate in Local Search—in no small part because Local Search listings often appear above the search engine’s standard organic search results for most commercial localized queries, as well as on map search.

Local Search can put your company in front of potential customers when they actively search for relevant services and/or products in your locality. As a result, traffic generated by Local Search is highly targeted and typically exhibits high conversion rates, either online or in physical locations.

However, participation in Local Search does not by itself guarantee high visibility:
  • Even if a search engine already indexes your site, it will not include your company in local results without a verified submission to Local Search.
  • The submission must conform to Local Search’s standards.
  • Some keywords reliably trigger Local Search listings; some don't. Keywords that work for regular SEO and PPC campaigns may not be effective for Local Search. In order to get prominent placement, your submission needs to include specially optimized descriptions for the localized keywords that each search engine favors.
  • Placements in other sites and onsite content can positively impact Local Search rankings.
  • Each search engine regards certain techniques as aggressive and "spammy". We know how to avoid those techniques.

Our Local Search SEO team members are experts at getting your business featured. This includes:

  • Keyword Research – finding the keyword combinations that both match your company’s products and/or services AND trigger Local Search results in regular search engine results.
  • Optimization – enriching the submission descriptions the keywords identified to ensure high visibility and placement.
  • Implementation – submitting the data to Local Search in an approved format.
  • Monitoring – tracking the results of the submission and, if necessary, making the adjustments to maximize effectiveness.