Logo Design


A logo design is a graphic representation of your company’s identity. It usually is composed of a symbol, illustration, and/or typography (sometimes called a “logotype”).

A logo design should:

  1. Reflect the image of the company it represents: Most companies have either one or multiple owners, each person has a character trait that can be seen or felt in the company. Our job is to harness these character traits and display them to your target consumers using the logo design. Our designers then study your product or service, competitors and target market to develop a logo design that will reflect the overall image of your company.
  2. Acquire publicity, and leave a significant mark: you want people to give your logo design a second thought. Subconsciously etching the logo design or parts of it in their heads. This is the first small step in molding that brand awareness.

Logo Design Tips

Your logo design should be simple: One reason why your logo design should be simple is that people process an image in their mind more readily than words alone.

You should also have various sizes (small, medium, and large), a web version, a print version of your logo, a black-and-white and color coded version.

Always plan beyond your initial design purposes for your logo since the ultimate goal of your business is to expand. Most printing companies charge extra for this. Ymaxi LTD includes this in our logo design packages