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If you want to boost traffic and conversion rates, you need advertising and marketing campaigns that appeal to the customer’s sense of taste, that fit with their Internet use and buying habits, and that provide enticing incentives to “click through”. Our Graphic Design department designs appealing, classy and enduring creatives that are sure to spark positive attention and spur engagement.

Below are some samples-- clicks on the images to view them at a higher resolution.


Get the Clicks: You want the images in your opt-in advertisements to feel real. You also want getting those items to seem easy -- the less clicks between the image and the shopping cart, the better. Our design team knows how to create interactive advertising that will have your customers clicking to buy.

Timing is Everything: Ymaxi LTD knows how important it is not to miss out on a buying season, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or Christmas. If you engage our services for Website design, once that is complete, we then start right away on producing online advertising creatives for the coming year. In fact, we create 75% of your online advertising creative needs in advance. All that’s left for you to do is decide which products you’d like to feature when the time comes for the holiday or anniversary mailing or campaign.

Our Services: Ymaxi LTD offers a full range of online advertising, marketing, and traffic-generating creative services, including:

  • Email and Digital Newsletter Design: Never let your customers think your newsletters and opt-in advertisements are spam! The average email user receives over 40 emails per day, much of it unwanted— that’s why sending out targeted, well-designed advertising to your subscription base is absolutely essential. Our Email Marketing services will make sure your email and newsletter campaigns have high “open rates” and “click-through rates” by speaking directly to customers’ buying habits and providing enticing hooks.
  • Online Advertising Campaigns: There’s still a place for well-designed visual advertising online, whether it’s with takeovers, interstitials, banners of any standard IAB size or custom size, or sponsored placements. We not only design compelling interactive campaign graphics, we also help you determine which campaigns will add the greatest value and can assist you with media buys and online campaign management.
  • Branded Micro-Site Design: Got a new product release or need for a branded “micro-site” for a specific holiday or online ad campaign? We can help! We’ll design a creative, unique site that drives conversion and we’ll ensure the appropriate metrics are built-in to measure results.
  • Social Networking Widgets for Facebook, MySpace and more: The latest trend in online advertising is judicious brand placements within the top social networking websites. We can help you determine your Social Media Strategy and design an online presence for these channels that users will want to be a part of.
  • Online Games and “Tools”: Have a specific online game, contest or feature you want to add to your site that you believe will drive significant traffic and engagement? We can storyboard, design and develop it for you!
  • Viral Videos: What about YouTube? Every online company has considered how to build its brand through online video and its “viral” capacity. We can help you create appealing video content and determine where and how to best distribute it for optimal impact.

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Above are some samples-- clicks on the images to view them at a higher resolution.

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