User Experience


The overall website consumer experience showcases the site’s business strategy in design form. Proper user experience conceptualization, planning, and design drives high sales, high consumer interaction with the site, and repeat visits from satisfied customers.

Website user experience encompasses the following:

User Research & Personas The optimal user interface begins with aligning the user experience with business needs. A great user experience will deliver on a business’s revenue goals and its marketing and demographics strategy through clearly defined metrics. Therefore, user experience design begins in the planning and strategy phase by defining the target markets and users. Existing website market comparables are also researched, reviewed and considered to ensure that key features are included and to help define the value proposition of your site over the competition. The goal is to ensure that your site’s differentiating features will be clearly highlighted in the site’s design and that your consumer experience will be the best in the online marketplace.

User Interaction Planning & Design Target interaction scenarios illustrate the proposed user engagement with the site. This site interaction is mapped out step-by-step, from site referral, to site navigation and engagement, to fulfillment, to visitor re-engagement and retention. In particular, careful attention is paid to ensure maximum conversion by reducing the number of steps to fulfillment and optimizing the ecommerce funnel to minimize abandonment.

User Interface Design, Optimization & Testing Once the flow of the site is planned out, each page must be carefully considered in terms of optimal user experience, with particular focus on the site landing page, shopping cart and fulfillment pages. The layout must promote business goals in terms of hierarchy, positioning and prominence of key revenue-drivers. The navigation must be clear, intuitive and consistent to maximize engagement. The site content must be easy to grasp and aesthetically pleasing to promote the brand and foster loyalty and trust. Equally as importantly, each page must have embedded metrics to troubleshoot ‘underperforming’ pages and enable ongoing performance improvements.

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