User Interface Design


Dissatisfied with the performance of your current website? Planning a new online presence? Ymaxi consulting team can help. We wrote the (soon to be published) book on best practices in ecommerce design, marketing and sales.

An optimized User Interface is the secret sauce behind any successful ecommerce site. The architectural design of your site needs to be carefully constructed to maximize sales and to optimize consumer engagement, click-through and brand loyalty. If you already have an ecommerce site that’s simply not meeting your revenue or conversion goals, chances are it could benefit from a user experience, site architecture, and usability overhaul.

Functional Design = Sales

As experts in site function and usability, we know the critical elements a site requires in its user interface and structure to deliver strong sales. Our consultants are Internet veterans who have developed design principles from practice, not theory, based on site performance and profitability.

After more than 10 years in the field, constantly testing and refining our site designs, we know what works – and what doesn’t. Start by letting Ymaxi analyze your site or site plans for strengths and weaknesses. We can save you time and expense by helping your site quickly achieve visibility and strong sales.

What’s Behind a Great User Interface?

There are many things that go into creating an optimal user interface design. Here’s an overview:

  • User Experience is the first and most strategic step to an optimized user interface design. User Experience conceptualization, planning, and design ensures the site will fulfill your business goals
  • Information Architecture is the nuts and bolts behind the user interface design. The information architecture wireframes are the functional blueprints of the site. Information architecture also includes the careful planning and definition of the site’s navigation, naming conventions and content organization
  • Usability helps to make the site experience as seamless as possible for the visitor to increase site engagement and sales. Usability powers good user interface design by promoting a user-centered design approach that analyzes the ecommerce transaction from the customer’s perspective. The goal is to fulfill the customer’s needs as effortlessly as possible, which benefits both your customers and you!

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