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All Features and Supported Technologies


  • PHP script development
  • JavaScript/Ajax development
  • Joomla component development
  • Drupal component development
  • Magento component development
  • VirtueMart component development
  • osCommerce component development
  • WordPress component development
  • We support these operating systems: *nix/Linux, Windows, MacOS
  • We use languages and RAD systems like: PHP, Java, Java Script, C++, Delphi, Action Script, HTML, XML.
  • We use these databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access, Interbase, Firebird, Yaffi. - We apply these developing systems: MVC(Model Viewer Controller), EOP(Event Oriented Programming), OOP(Object Oriented Programming), linear and procedural.

The main distinctive feature of Ymaxi Web Studio is our specialization in different "smart sites" powered with high efficient PHP, Java and CGI-based technologies to create an engine of the site. Also we use Java scripts to create a modern, fresh styled and really unusual site.

The stunning visual appearance of a webpage is not only the outcome of brilliant web design but it is a joint exertion of immaculate coding of web programming language and magnificent website designing concept. A slight change in the coding of a web programming language can tarnish the visual impact of a website or its functionality in multiple ways and that is why the importance of Website programming languages is gaining currency through out the world.

At Quality Web Solutions, we are offering nonpareil web programming services (web development php) backed by a team of extremely talented web programmers. We can meet your requirements as our programmers are well versed with diverse types of programming languages such as PHP, ASP, ASP.NET etc. No matter whether you are running a dating, chatting, job or e-commerce website, we can deliver you the best Website programming services (web development php). Some of our unique features are specified below:

  • 11 years of vast experience in this domain.
  • Reasonable cost.
  • Prioritizing customer satisfaction.
  • Ensuring the compatibility of a website on various browsers
  • Bettering the functionality of a website within a specified period.
Below are some of the other benefits of working with Quality Web Solutions:
  • FREE support for 3 months post delivery
  • Cost based on total project cost or flat man-hour rate (US$ 10) basis.
  • Providing admin control panel for administering the various facets of a webpage (Content Management Systems).
  • Copyright ownership with the client
  • Total privacy and confidentiality of the project is ensured.

With the incessant developments in the domain of online Industry, Dynamic websites are getting enormous popularity, as they are interactive in nature and visually appealing. These Dynamic Websites can best be shaped by coding a webpage in PHP because it is compatible with multiple Operating systems. Quality web solution is generating a buzz in this arena by offering state of the art PHP programming services to its worldwide clients at an unbeatable price.

Web Application Development (web development php)   PHP Programming (web development php)
  • End-to-end solutions developed from scratch
  • Round the clock interaction with clients
  • A process-oriented method primarily based on target solution
  • Continuous interaction with the client
  • Technically feasible and economically viable solutions
  • An open-source, general-purpose
    scripting language that is used widely on the web
  • It supports a wide array of technologies and platforms
  • A good choice for dynamic websites
  • Number of satisfied clients
ASP Programming   ASP.NET Programming
  • Server-side Scripting Technology primarily  used on Windows servers
  • Inexpensive and simple solutions
  • It provides support for VBScript, Jscript etc.
  • Third party component integration supported
  • A proven track record of developing projects using ASP
  • Among the most flexible, conveniently deployable solutions available
  • Helps to create Customizable, Secure and Scalable solutions
  • A fast increasing user base
  • A proven track record of implementing a number of projects using ASP.NET