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Don’t confuse a beautiful website with a well-designed website. Did you know that the majority of online visitors never make it past the home page? Let us lower your bounce rates and improve customer acquisition with a web design overhaul that delivers click-through results.

The best website design is visually pleasing as well as useful, usable, and “lightweight”. It also offers a seamless and engaging Brand experience through use of universal navigation and consistent online branding elements, and it seamlessly integrates with and reflects your “offline” brand. Most importantly, great website design delivers the online business results you need!

Ymaxi Web Studio Design follows a unified design process to produce sharp, purpose-driven and successful websites for your business. We realize that web design must be both functional and attractive, and we measure project success in terms of ROI, not trendiness or a subjective, abstract “wow” factor.

The Website Design Process

The Graphic Design process begins after the Strategy and Requirements Specifications process is completed with the handoff to the Design team of a Creative Brief, various Requirements, Information Architecture blueprints and User Experience Guidelines.

Once the designs are approved by the client, the visual Design Templates and a Style Guide are delivered to our in-house development team or a 3rd party service of your choice to build the site.

Website Design Services: Ymaxi LTD provides the full range of website design services, including:

  • Designing new websites for new products, services or a new online presence
  • Redesigning existing websites that are looking tired, cluttered, or simply aren’t performing
  • Developing Flash Websites, tools and games for more immersive and creative Brand experiences
  • Creating Branded Micro-Sites for specific online advertising and marketing campaigns or events

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